The appearance of your landscape is the first impression and a direct reflection of your property. Abbott Construction understands the value of that impression.

Abbott Construction is one of the North Shore’s leading landscape companies when it comes to your commercial property maintenance. And it doesn’t stop there! We also offer residential landscaping services as well! From Spring and Fall clean up, mulching and trimming to hydroseeding and irrigation. We can handle it all.

When it comes to commercial landscaping, the demands on property managers is difficult today. Which is why communication between contractor and property manager is so important. Through this communication, Abbott Construction will understand and handle all of your property needs.

Our Landscaping Services Include

Spring Cleanup

Cleaning and reshaping of all flower beds, turf maintenance including repairing winter damage, removal of all debris (branches, leaves and trash).


Weeding of all planting beds. Removal of old bark mulch (if necessary) and spreading fresh mulch. Assisting the client with selection from a large variety of type and color mulch.

Weekly/ Bi-Weekly Commercial Property Maintenance

Lawn maintenance, removal of debris, including trash and fallen branches. Clearing of all hardscape features.

Pruning: Pruning of all small trees and shrubs.

Dead heading flowers in flower beds to stimulate new growth. Removal of all trimmings. (Pruning is recommended two to three times a year.)

Seasonal Plantings

Planting of bulbs. Perennial and annual flowers in the spring and fall to add color to the landscape. Assist in the design and planting of flower beds.

Fall Cleanup

Removal and disposal of leaves and debris. Preparing planting beds and lawns for the Winter months.


Abbott Construction can handle all of your water management needs. We can design and install new irrigation systems. We can also open your irrigation system in the spring, adjust your sprinklers and repair any winter damage, along with winterizing your system in the Fall before the Winter freeze.


Fertilizing your lawn is an important step in achieving a thick healthy lawn. Our fertilization service is a six-step treatment program that will help you achieve exactly that.


Hydroseeding your lawn or property offers many benefits. Effective erosion control, cost effective, and it’s environmentally friendly. Hydroseeded soils hold moisture better than sod or hand seeded types, therefore the seed can germinate faster. Additionally, hydroseeding includes fewer weed seeds, no layering of soils, and will not wash out.

Turf Maintenance

Abbott Construction provides a variety of services to improve the health of your lawn. Services include: lawn de-thatching, aeration and over seeding. All these services allow your lawn to get the oxidization that allows grass seed to thicken and thrive and improve the all around appearance of your lawn


Our COVID-19 Response

Your safety is our priority. Here is our 3 step process:

  1. Give us a call
  2. We will visit your home while following proper distancing measures
  3. Receive a quote from us
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