Abbott Construction would like to introduce you to the benefits of using Concrete Pavers for your driveway.  Asphalt has traditionally been the material utilized for most home driveways, but a concrete paver driveway can transform the entrance of your home and add to your home’s appearance and value.  There are a wide variety of colors and styles of pavers, here at Abbott Construction we can help you with the color selection and design for your concrete paver driveway.

Besides adding to the aesthetic appeal of your home, concrete pavers are durable and easy to maintain.  Concrete paver driveways are a flexible surface, and unlike asphalt and solid concrete driveways, can withstand the harsh New England weather.  Asphalt, which is an oil based product, can become brittle over time and are likely to deteriorate in the harsh weather.  Concrete pavers have to meet industry requirements for durability and have a lifetime guarantee against salt and ice melt.  Another advantage of a concrete paver is that if there is damage, or your driveway needs to be expanded, it’s as simple as replacing a section or adding to the existing driveway without major alterations.

Abbott Construction also specializes in asphalt and natural stone driveways. Whether you choose to install a concrete paver driveway, asphalt, cobblestone edging or a concrete paver apron to your existing driveway. Abbott Construction has the knowledge and expertise to improve and add to the entrance of your property.


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